Spa Treatments


Offering a world class experience based on timeless holistic beauty and health traditions from India. Inspired by the ancient science of Ayurveda, treatments are tailored to counter the effects of stress and aging, heal skin problems and promote genuine wellness. The highest quality botanical oils and extracts, flowers, herbs, roots and minerals from around the world are mindfully blended to be uniquely relaxing and rejuvenating. I invite you to step off the beaten path and into the transformative wisdom of Ayurveda.

Soothing Rose and Sandalwood Facial

60 minutes - $79.00

Relax into the intoxicating aromas of sandalwood, rose petals and herbs from around the world, custom blended just for you. This luxurious facial includes cleansing, mild exfoliation, rejuvenating mask, herbal steam and pure floral hydrosols accompanied by a soothing marma point massage. Exquisite nourishing oils and aloe specially blended for your skin leaves you balanced and beautifully glowing. This signature treatment is tastefully concluded with a delicious cup of herbal tea.

Refreshing Oasis Facial

30 minutes - $45.00

Restore and brighten your complexion and your day with this 30 minute facial for those on the go. An incredibly relaxing quick-fix to leave your skin renewed and balanced. This treatment includes a gently exfoliating herbal cleanser, calming herbal steam and toning floral hydrosols followed by nourishing oil and aloe. This facial is perfect to send you out ready to face the day refreshed and glowing.

Blissful Abandon Kansa Foot Therapy

60 minutes - $79.00

We begin with gentle dry exfoliation and a warm foot soak blended with healing salts and aromatic essential oils. Afterwards, snuggle up and relax for an exquisitely restorative marma point foot massage and traditional kansa bowl foot therapy, rich with luxurious herb infused oils. Polish this off with a rose ubtan foot scrub to gently cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify your feet and mind. Sit back and enjoy a calming cup of herbal tea to end this amazingly relaxing treatment.

Luxurious Botanical Back Treatment (Back-cial)

60 minutes - $79.00

Cleansing, relaxing and tremendously nurturing for the skin that we just can’t care for ourselves. Start with a clarifying scrub of freshly mixed herbs and milk, purifying mask and herbal steam. Luxuriate in gentle massage with warm botanical oils to stimulate circulation, relax frayed nerves and leave the skin soft and hydrated. A lovely cup of herbal tea finishes off your pampering experience.

Tranquility Scalp Massage

30 minutes - $45.00

Abandon your stress and unwind with a pampering scalp massage. Wonderfully helpful for headaches, fatigue, computer overload and more. This treatment includes traditional ayurvedic oils, therapeutic for mental tension and nurturing for the scalp and hair. Close your eyes and relax as tension melts away and tranquility begins.

Serenity Age Defying Facial

90 minutes - $115.00

Unveil a fresh, luminous, youthful completion with this effective, non-invasive anti-aging treatment. Nourishing herbs and gentle non-abrasive ultrasonic exfoliation is followed by combined micronized currents and light therapy that re-sculps, lifts and rejuvenates the skin. Microcurrent mimicks and works with the body’s natural bio-electric currents to lift, tighten and tone muscle tissue while visibly smoothing fine lines. LED therapy promotes collagen and elastin production for a fuller and firmer appearance while improving circulation, reducing inflammation and promoting healthy cellular regeneration. A fluffy robe and rejuvenating cup of tea await you at the end of your experience.

Clarifying Light Facial

90 minutes - $125.00

Experience healing and soothing, natural spectrum light therapy that repairs, re-oxygenates and fights acne. Gently exfoliating herbs, detoxifying masks, herbal steam and extractions decongest, purify and calm troubled skin. Anti-inflammatory floral toners, aloe and nourishing essential oils balance and soothe the complexion to leave it refreshed and radiant. A balancing cup of herbal tea is offered to promote overall wellbeing at the conclusion of your treatment.

Waxing Services

Waxing services are concluded with healing floral and herbal
blends to reduce sensitivity and redness.

Eyebrow Tweezing - $15.00

Lip - $10.00

Chin - $10.00

Lip/Chin - $15.00


Treatments are by appointment only.