"I have yet to experience the wonderful facial at Pure Harmony. Before this peaceful, calming business came together, I had the pleasure of testing and purchasing skin products from the wonderful Esthetician who started it all. Rhonda’s natural, high quality skin products have given my skin the repair,relief, moisture, and nutrients that it needed. Before using the makeup remover created by PH, I used drug store makeup remover and it badly burned my skin, made it red and raw. It still didn’t remove the makeup after all of that misery. With a gently rub of PH makeup remover, not only is my skin moisturized and refreshed, but the make up comes right off, effortlessly. Another product I recently purchased and am CRAZY about is the moisturizer made with cooling, calming qualities. I use it not only on my face, but my feet, hands, and cuticles. I recommend these products to people who want to invest in the quality and health of their skin! Amazing!

My husband has a sensitive skin condition called rosacea. He is so SENSITIVE to fragrances, exfoliates, etc. PH determined his skin type using Ayurvedic methods, then recommended a facial cleanser made at PH. The cleanser helped my husband's inflammation go way down and had a gentle exfoliating quality that got his excess skin off. He is really happy that PH products made a bigger difference to his skin than the three hundred dollar medication a doctor prescribed that only made it worse. If you are having skin sensitivities, I have no doubt that Rhonda at Pure Harmony can formulate a natural, calming product that personally suites your needs."

- Tessa Crockett


“As an avid spa enthusiast, I have had several massages and facials over the years, many of which have been at high-end, world-class spas throughout the United States and abroad. I’m rather picky about where I choose to go because I want my hard-earned money to be well spent by having a truly pampered experience and a high quality of treatment. With all this in mind, I must say the treatment I received from Rhonda Lewis at PureHarmony is one of my best spa experiences yet! Everything I received throughout the treatment seemed easily worth double the amount I paid, too. Her attention to detail is wonderful – from the soothing music and warmer that looks like a fireplace to the thoroughness of her massage and facial with such unique, wholesome ingredients! To top it off, she ended the session with continued relaxation by offering me a robe, slippers, comfy chair, and some delicious tea to sip casually while we chatted! And the best part is that the results had such lasting effects! Usually, when a facial is received you feel amazing right after, but by the next day, it’s almost as if it never happened – well, I was pleasantly surprised to still feel the effects of her treatment with my amazingly smooth, glowing skin the next day! It made me a convert to her facial cleanser – even though I usually prefer liquid cleansers, the results of her powdered cleanser is undeniable and it has no preservatives! I’m also addicted to her nourishing oil with aloe as well as her calendula and rose sprays! I’ve replaced all of my previously used products with hers, which are actually more cost-effective since you don’t need as many items and the ingredients are so pure – I couldn’t be happier!”

– Mallorie Marino


"The moment I walked into Pure Harmony for my facial, I took a deep breath and sighed as I took in the intoxicating smell of exotic herbs, oils and spices. The atmosphere was well thought out and I felt a soothing energy from the beautiful furnishings. Rhonda was extremely knowledgeable in the ancient science of Ayurvedic wisdom and I felt very relaxed in her capable hands as she mixed up nourishing and organic herbs, spices and oils tailor made for me and my skin. Sitting afterwards and having a cup of Shatavari tea, I felt as if I had been rejuvenated and treated to a lovely spa experience and I could not wait to come back!"

- Marcee Gutman-Ballantyne RYT


“Rhonda is the best Henna Artist in Pueblo. Having compared her work to others around the world there really is no comparison. Rhonda has worked her henna magic at special occasions for my family and for our office parties. She is very professional, wonderful with kids, and presents with intricate freehand designs that are outstanding. Rhonda uses high quality henna that lasts and lasts. I highly recommend Rhonda Lewis as a henna artist extraordinaire”

- Mo Ghamdi and Cathy Grasmick


“The facial that I had at Pure Harmony was very relaxing and the natural products that Rhonda custom mixes not only smell wonderful but leave your skin feeling toned and smooth. An absolute treat and very professional. I am looking forward to my next facial at Pure Harmony’s soothing treatment facility.”

- Cathy Grasmick


“The Rose Hydrating Spray is heaven in a bottle…smells so good and is very refreshing.”

- Nadia Ghamdi


"I Love the feeling of my skin after using your products and love it even more knowing that they have no toxic chemicals.”

- Laila Ghamdi


“The foot massage was so relaxing. I cannot believe how amazing it was!”

- Sofia Ghamdi, Cathy Grasmick


"Pure Harmony Skincare is not just something I want to have as my skincare regime, I need it. Since switching to this line, the texture of my skin has changed. It feels like the skin I had before I hit puberty! The natural ingredients feel so luxurious and give my skin a healthy glow and an overall even skin tone. I AM NEVER USING ANOTHER PRODUCT AGAIN."