Rhonda In my many years of study in nutrition, herbs, biology and anatomy and physiology, I have found no more comprehensive and holistic approach to living than what I have found in the teachings of Ayurveda. This ancient wisdom has been passed down for thousands of years, is still evolving and is just as relevant today as it was in antiquity. These teachings honor each person as unique and that our normal state of being is healthy and joyful. Poor choices in diet and lifestyle can cause imbalances that rob us of living an optimal life. This wealth of knowledge includes dietary guidelines as well as daily routines to help us attain optimal well-being. These practices include the realm of beauty and personal care. Just as a healthy diet should include only pure natural ingredients found in nature, caring for our skin and hair should follow the same guidelines in order to promote good health. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and it reflects overall good health. We should love ourselves and care for ourselves in a way that promotes true beauty, the beauty that radiates from within.

In founding Pure Harmony I hope to share this wisdom by offering services and products that nurture and support not only healthy skin but the whole person. Mindful and healthy choices can improve our lives, the lives of others and our world.